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Training Resources

FACT #1 – You need people that know what they are doing.

The thing I get the most requests for is qualified employees. Get in line. They are rare as platinum. You are more than welcome to post an ad for free on our classifieds section as someone may be looking for what your company has to offer or to make a change – .

FACT #2 – If you can’t find them, you have to make them.

This is true whether you live in a large city or way out in the country. If you live in a large city, there is more competition. At one time I worked for a large corporation in the middle of nowhere. They had their own training program but was very successful in employee retention as this provided opportunity to inexperienced personnel to gain skills and better compensation. Small to mid-size manufacturers could benefit by hiring for attitude and work ethic first and then tailor train the necessary skills.

There are many online resources (often free) that could give a new hire or an existing employee a better foundation. This list is not exhaustive but most are quite good.

Do you know of any great resources? Let us hear your thoughts below! ***Just FYI – I am affiliated with none of these companies and none pay me a dime (unfortunately).

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